Kaddish For My Father: L' Dor V' Dor, 2004-2007
Oil on Canvas  47-1/2" h x 62" w

The catalyst for this painting was the sudden death of my father during a Shabbat Morning
Service. It occurred moments after he had recited the
Shema , the ancient and central prayer
of worship, traditionally said upon rising and upon lying down to sleep, and before the
moment of passing. The painting deals with several Jewish traditions including the concept of
L’Dor V’Dor - the compliance with tradition to sustain Judaism from generation to generation,
symbolized by the inclusion of myself (far left) and my paternal grandfather (center).
Having grown up in an orthodox environment, my father was actively involved in synagogues
Chevra Kadisha (Burial Societies) all his life. He made his living as a tailor, symbolized in
the painting by the pair of shears cutting a corner fringe off a
tallit (prayer shawl).
After a ritual washing of the body, the body is dressed in a kittel (shroud) and then a
One of the fringes is then cut off - this action symbolically renders the
tallit no longer fit for
ritual use.