For the past several years, I have been inspired by diverse Jewish references and have used
them as the basis for my commentary on the human condition. These references include
biblical passages, prophetic writings, rabbinic commentaries, modern theology and Jewish
history - sources that teach the core moral and humanistic values of Jewish tradition and
ethos. These values encompass the fundamental desire for personal, spiritual and global
peace, equality, and social justice.

In these new paintings, initial themes often evolve into subtexts containing childhood
recollections, free-association and historical and socio-political references. I have developed
an allegorical and poetic language through thematic vibrant color and expressive line.
My approach is multi-layered and intuitive, moving between the particular characteristics of
the subject and my interpretation.

Universal messages of good and evil, questions of integrity, ethical dilemmas, parables on
mortality and the quest for spiritual connection link the lessons of my heritage to
contemporary concerns.

Married to a rabbi serving a congregation, I am surrounded by modern Jewish life, symbols
and thought that serve as a catalyst for my work.
A L A N   F A L K
artist statement