I have been creating and exhibiting for five decades and I have been blessed that some
of my works are in private, corporate and university collections, as well as museums.

For the past 15+ years I have sustained a steadfast commitment to subject matter that
incorporate the essence of Jewish understanding - such as integrity, ethical dilemmas,
parables on mortality, and the universal need for spiritual connection that links our
heritage to present-day concerns.

Building on this strong foundation, I recently began a new project - the exploration of
various aspects of the spirituality and the manifestation of light inspired by my religious
and cultural traditions.
It is my dream to develop a series of recent studies into 20 large
scale paintings as well as other related works: watercolors, drawings and pastels together
with several editions of etchings.

Art is essential to society and in order for artists to create works that are true reflections
of our values, concerns and cultural experiences, we must have the ability to focus and
work unencumbered by the pressures of the “supply and demand” mentality of the
current system that stifles artistic growth and creative expression.

Art patronage is critical to our society and independent artists cannot survive without the
support of the community at large. Therefore, the traditional and time-honored system
of art patronage is once again emerging in our society, funded by individuals who
recognize the importance of investing in the vitality of our contemporary cultural

In the pa
st you may have invested in new products, new inventions, or new businesses.
I would like to offer you an opportunity to make a very real impact on our culture - by
investing in a dream
- by becoming a Patron of my work. It is a wonderful and fulfilling
opportunity for you to partner with me in the creation of works of art.

As a measure of my gratitude, I would be honored to invite you to my studio to observe
these works growing from concept to reality, and engage in a conversation about my
creative process that I usually only share with other artists, mentors, and curators.

To learn more please contact me at
alanfalk123@yahoo.com or call 203 929-0730
A L A N   F A L K   B E C O M I N G  A  P A T R O N